Medical Weight Loss

At OC Weight Loss Centers, we offer a variety of weight loss programs. Some of these programs include Lipotropic injections, Hormone Related Injections and diet supplements. Our Weight Loss Specialists are available for nutritional counseling as part of every weight loss program we offer, to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals.

In creating a medical weight loss plan for a patient, we consider their individual needs and lifestyle in order to develop a customized weight loss program that emphasizes wellness and good nutrition. By providing an individualized nutrition and exercise program, we are able to offer our patients medical weight loss solutions that are right for them.

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  1. Many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off, especially those who have a slow metabolism. We can help you overcome these challenges with the help of phentermine.
  2. This incredibly powerful weight loss medication will facilitate and speed up your weight loss journey.
  3. Only available with a prescription, the medication helps decrease your appetite but it also increases your energy and that means your metabolism will speed up.
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Fat Burning Injections

  1. We offer highly effective fat burning injections at our OC Weight Loss Centers. They stimulate weight loss to remove fat cells while helping rid your body of stubborn fat so you can look and feel leaner.
  2. Our injection process is completely safe and combines a mixture of vitamins to help with your weight loss efforts.
  3. Methionine, Inositol, Choline is a powerful fat burning blend that will break down fat while helping to build lean muscle mass. The Inositol works to metabolize fat and reduce cholesterol in your blood stream and Choline will break down fat while boosting the immune system. Vitamin B12 is far more effective when injected.
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Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs With Nutritional Counseling

  1. Our licensed and Board Certified Orange County weight loss doctors realize that each person is different and may have different dietary requirements.
  2. That’s why we will consider your individual needs and lifestyle so we can customize your weight loss program for optimum nutrition and weight loss.
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Hunger Suppressants & Metabolism Accelerators

  1. Accelerated weight loss process
  2. Lower appetite, more energy
  3. Ideal for slow metabolisms
  4. Easy to administer

Our weight loss center in Orange County, CA uses Metabolism Accelerators to facilitate and speed up the weight loss process. This is a powerful weight loss medication that will decrease your appetite and increase your energy. Our Orange County weight loss doctors will prescribe the medication in tablet form to be taken once a day. They will continue to monitor your progress and offer nutritional counselling and support.


Fat Burning Injections

  1. Get rid of stubborn fat
  2. Safe and efficient treatments
  3. Contain powerful weight loss vitamins
  4. Help lower cholesterol

At our weight loss center in Orange County, CA, we offer natural fat burning injections that will stimulate weight loss and accelerate fat cell removal. These injections are designed to get rid of stubborn fat so you can look leaner and feel healthier. Our Orange County weight loss doctors endorse these safe injections which are a combination of vitamins, particularly the powerful fat-burning vitamin B12. The vitamins work to break down fat and build lean muscle mass while also reducing cholesterol.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs

  1. Fully customized weight loss plan
  2. Focus on overall wellness
  3. Comprehensive nutritional counseling
  4. Lose weight safely under medical supervision

Our weight loss center in Orange County, CA offers a range of weight loss programs, tailored to each patient’s needs. Our doctors will also provide nutritional counseling, support and motivation along with medical supervision. We will take your lifestyle and needs into consideration to customize a weight loss program that emphasizes good nutrition and overall wellness.


Weight Loss Hormone Injections

  1. For patients with chronic weight problems
  2. Process supervised by trained professionals

The hormone injections administered by Orange County weight loss doctors are natural and effective. This is the perfect solution for people who have struggled with chronic weight problems. Our proven hormone therapy protocols help you to achieve the results you have always desired.

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