How can you Lose Weight that comes with Menopause?

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How can you Lose Weight that comes with Menopause?

How can you Lose Weight that comes with Menopause?

Welcome to menopause! Menopause starts officially when women haven’t had menstrual cycles for 12 months. Around this time, women may find it very hard to lose weight. Moreover, some women notice that they start gaining weight during this period. Stress, aging and hormone changes, can all work against you. According to NAMS, three-quarters of women aged above 60 are overweight.

Menopause and weight gain go hand in hand. Losing weight during and after menopause may seem impossible. However, there are some strategies to make weight loss easier during menopause.

Increasing Activity:

Menopause-related weight gain commonly settles around the abdomen region. Exercising regularly is an excellent way to promote physical wellbeing and weight loss. Exercising also aids in building muscle and prevent age-related muscle loss. However, if a person is not already active, they may find it harder to increase their activity levels. In such a case, they need professional help, so approaching Mission Viejo clinic for weight loss would help

Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods:

To lose extra pounds, people should consume fewer calories than they burn. Making some dietary changes is a key part of losing weight. Nutrient-dense, healthful foods should be the basis for all meals. Your diet should contain whole grains, a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits, and lean sources of protein. You must avoid processed foods and those that contain high amounts of trans or saturated fats.

Besides following a strict diet, if you are not losing weight, there may be some hormonal fluctuations. So for menopause weight loss Mission Viejo engage in medical weight loss programs, where the doctor will check your health, and recommend weight loss plan accordingly.

Address any Sleep Problems:

Getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining one’s weight as well as overall health. However, low-quality sleep is more common during menopause, and this contributes to weight gain. If you are suffering from disturbed sleep, try practicing good sleep habits. If sleep quality doesn’t improve despite your best efforts, seek help from doctors for weight loss Orange County.

Thus it is not uncommon to experience an increase in body fat during menopause. If you have concerns about weight gain or symptoms of hormonal fluctuations speak with a doctor in Mission Viejo clinic for weight loss about the right treatment.